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Thinking of donating cars to nonprofits? Consider how much of your donation goes to helping people.

At Volunteers of America Delaware Valley, we don’t send your money to charity -- we are the charity. When you donate a car we don’t give money to people who feed the homeless or run women’s shelters -- we run them ourselves, right here in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware and have for over a century. That is a major point of difference between Volunteers of America Delaware Valley and another car donation charity program. It is also the reason why we put a much higher percentage of donations to use helping the people that need it most - an average of 88 cents of every dollar.

Donating cars to nonprofits is an act of open-handed generosity. But before you say “Donate my car to charity”, you should ask any car donation charity program exactly what percentage of your donation will go to helping people. At Volunteers of America we spend an average of 88 cents of every dollar we raise on programs that help men, women and children get the assistance they need. Unfortunately, more than one car donation charity program spends more on management and advertising than helping people. More than one so-called car donation charity program was created for the profit of the people who started it, not the people they claim to help. So it pays to do a little digging to make certain when you donate your car or truck it will help as many people as possible.

VOA is an Officially Recognized 501- (c) (3) Car Donation Charity Program.

Unlike other programs for donating cars to nonprofits, we don't channel a fraction of your donation to charity - Volunteers of America Delaware Valley is an officially recognized 501-(c) (3) charity. Our car donation charity program is an important way we raise money to help people struggling with a tough economy and tough life circumstances.

As a certified 501-(c) (3) charity, you can be certain that when you donate your car or truck (or make any other donation to Volunteers of America) it will be fully deductible under IRS rules, as long as you itemize your deductions on your tax return. For more information on the tax benefits of donating cars to nonprofits, click on Taxes: Donate Car.

We Practically Invented Donating Cars to Nonprofits. That’s A Big Reason Why Our Process is So Fast & Easy.

Volunteers of America Delaware Valley is one of the original car donation charity programs. We didn’t start our charity car donation program with horses and buggies...but almost!

We have spent year after year perfecting the process of donating cars to nonprofits. Today we have condensed it into a Simple 2-Step Process that takes 5 minutes or less. All you have to do is fill out the simple form to the right and press the button below. After that just wait for our call to schedule your free pick up -- often the call and the pick up will happen within 24 hours. Its as easy as saying “Donate my car”. Or if you like, just call us toll free at 877-721-4862.

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Our simple 2 step
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When you say
"Donate my car to charity" you are
helping people
right here in Pennsylvania,
New Jersey and Delaware.
  • Addiction Treatment Programs
  • Senior Housing in Lindenwold
    and Gibbstown, NJ
  • Reintegration Centered Programs
  • Domestic Violence Outreach Services
  • Emergency Housing for men, women,
    and families
  • Community Cleanups, Building of
    Recreational Structures and Landscaping
  • Arts and Crafts workshops for kids
No matter where you live in the Delaware Valley, from Camden to Trenton, Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Wilmington or Cherry Hill, when you say “Donate my car” you help us fund these vital programs.
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