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WIth your charity car donations, we can provide supportive housing for people in need.

Charity Car Donations to Volunteers of America support life changing programs right here in Delaware Valley. When you donate a car you help people like David, who needed help after turning to drugs. His story shows the power of car donations to charities.

Volunteers of America Delaware Valley’s PROMISE (Program for Returning Offenders with Mental Illness Safely and Effectively) enables those people who have been in the prison system and who have a mental illness to transfer from incarceration to the community. The program is the only one of its kind in the area and has been successful in helping people find work, connect with treatment, and move towards independent living. Meet David Mason. He is quiet man, committed to bettering his life and devout to his religion. He fully admits he has made his share of mistakes, but his goal now is to keep making goals for himself; to keep improving.

David was raised by his grandmother, because both his mother and stepfather were in the military. He unfortunately got involved in drugs and after a workplace accident he couldn’t work and couldn't support his family, including a newborn. The stress broke him and he committed armed robbery. When he was released from prison he had nothing and was out on the streets. With the situation becoming overwhelming he attempted suicide and was sent to a central processing facility where they evaluated him and decided that PROMISE would be the best place for him. He arrived here in October 2009.

“I didn't know what to expect, I didn’t know about it,” David explains about entering the PROMISE program. “When I first got there I was open and took suggestions. I wanted to change, I was tired of the same results.”

Thanks to your charity car donations, David is in supportive housing as part of the PROMISE program. “I’m proof it works,” he says. He goes on to say, “I think if more people had a place like this to come home to it would be better.” He says he has a good support system and is able to recognize his symptoms of depression more easily, before it’s too late. He received his GED while incarcerated and is now completing his Associates Degree at Camden County College and eventually hopes to get his Masters and become an addiction counselor. “I will help people if I can help them.” Because we receive charity car donations, David was able to rehabilitate his life. When asked how he is able to maintain this success while living independently, his answer is simple, “Responsibly is a motivator for me. I set a goal and when I accomplish that goal I set another goal.”

He has four kids who he says are proud of him, “especially my oldest.” His advice for others who may be just entering the PROMISE program? Well, he says it depends on the individual. As for his part, he hopes to lead by example. “You need to be tired of doing what you’re doing. If you’re not ready to apply yourself it’s not going to work.”

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Charity car donations provide funding for
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build a new life.
With the Promise Program, we don’t just provide housing, we provide re-entry programs into society. Partially funded by your charity car donations, these programs assist with employment, mental health treatment and substance abuse prevention. Last year car donations to charities opened the door to a new life for people in our community, people who have been hit hardest by the tough economy.Whether you live in New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Delaware, from Camden to Trenton, Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Wilmington or Cherry Hill, your charity car donations will help your neighbors get the help they need through Volunteers of America. To learn about your tax deduction click on Taxes: Donate Car.
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