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Vehicle Charity Donation

Because of your vehicle charity donation, the Addiction Treatment Program can continue to help people who need a fresh start.

When you make a vehicle charity donation to Volunteers of America, your neighbors here in Delaware Valley get the assistance they need. When you donate a car you help young people like Kristen, trying to get her life back. Her story brings the help you give with a vehicle chairty donation to life:

Kristen is a bright, attractive young woman. At first glance it’s hard to imagine that this same woman, prior to coming to the Addiction Treatment Program, was stripping, stealing and prostituting to get high on PCP. While her story is not unique, her recovery, newfound sense of self worth, and “never give up” attitude is inspiring.

Kristen grew up around addiction; her mom is currently in recovery. And, with her father out of the picture her family was what she calls, “dysfunctional.” However, it was when she started partying in high school then met an older man that she says her life really took a bad turn. “I knew I was headed down a bad lifestyle but didn’t care.” She overdosed on alcohol at 15, got pregnant at 19 and then began doing the unthinkable to get high. “It was being with the wrong people and always looking for love.” She eventually lost custody of her daughter and received two years probation for aggravated assault on a police officer. She remembers once telling her probation officer “if I don’t get high I will die”; yet all the time Kristen was praying for another way to live.

Call it an intervention, an epiphany or simply a prayer answered when one day Kristen walked to the next town, picked up a phone, dialed 911 and asked for help. “I just wanted help; I was tired.” After time spent at a crises center, she was sent to Volunteers of America Delaware Valley’s Addiction Treatment Program. “I wanted more from myself because I knew I was capable of it.” She was able to receive the help she needed from a treatment center made possible by a vehicle charity donation like yours.

It wasn’t an easy transition. Kristen says she had a lot of feelings come up that she had been suppressing; feelings of guilt, shame and humility. And she was a rebel; her original discharge date was in August but behavioral problems changed that. And then, she decided to do the work and give into what she calls “sincere surrender.” She began journaling, talking, allowing herself to hear the words of encouragement from her counselors that she really could be somebody, and decided that she wanted this, for her. “VOA won’t hold you unless you want it for yourself.” Kristen has been to another rehabilitation program but said it was more like a vacation. “There’s no vacation time here!” she exclaims laughing. “(The program) has the best counselors; they will pull it out of you.”

The future is bright for Kristen. She has moved to a transitional house for a two-year program and she will be attending Rutgers, working toward a degree in social work. She says she was inspired to help others thanks to her time spent in the Addiction Treatment Program, which is made possible by your vehicle charity donation. She will also continue with the program on an outpatient basis. Most importantly, she will regain custody of her daughter. Her eyes well up as she talks about how she will finish the program just days before her daughter’s fifth birthday, “All she wants is me.”

For Kristen, it is bittersweet to be leaving, but she is ready to embrace sobriety. Thanks to the Addiction Treatment Program, and your vehicle charity donation, she has transformed her life. “It’s the little things. We went to Wal-Mart the other day and I was so excited! These are the things I get excited about now,” she says giggling. She continues, “…It was a privilege and an honor to be part of this program.” Now it’s time to get back to “real life” and accomplish all the goals she has set for herself. “When your mind gets clear, you can live beyond your wildest dreams.”

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Your vehicle charity donation helps fund Volunteers of
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The Addiction Treatment Program treats individuals who are ready for recovery. The program also has counselors who ensure that patients continue treatment after they leave the center. All this is made possible by your vehicle charity donation to Volunteers of America. Whether you are in New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Delaware, from Camden to Trenton, Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Wilmington or Cherry Hill - your vehicle charity donation will make a real difference in people’s lives.
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