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Donate a car and help our veterans. A leader in veteran’s care for over 100 years.

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When you use this page to donate car to veterans, you help Volunteers of America Delaware Valley reach out to local vets struggling with homelessness in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware.

It’s difficult to believe that here in the land of opportunity over 67,000 veterans are homeless on any given night. Annually, 134,000 vets find themselves living on the streets. Today in America there are more Vietnam veterans living on the streets than soldiers who died during that war. And now we’re seeing more veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq campaigns living on the streets.

Volunteers of America Delaware Valley fights for veterans right here in Metro Philadelphia, New jersey and Delaware. Please, donate your car to veterans so local vets will receive the help they need to get their lives back in order.

Volunteers of America has been helping our nation’s veterans since the end of World War I. When you donate a car to veterans here, NJ, PA & DE vets receive vitally important services.

From coast to coast, Volunteers of America veterans services start with solving the immediate personal crisis of homelessness. We provide homeless veterans with a safe place to live. Living in a safe and secure atmosphere is the most important step in providing homeless veterans with effective, consistent access to care. Volunteers of America Delaware Valley is dedicated preventing, and ultimately ending homelessness in our nation’s veterans by offering a wide variety of services. Every night, VOA Delaware Valley provides veterans with emergency shelter in our five local homeless shelters. The importance of shelter can’t be overstated, since they open the door to other vital treatment.

Donate car to veterans here and local vets in Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey are given the help they need to start a new life.

The programs and services of Volunteers of America Delaware Valley help homeless veterans conquer immense challenges. Our emergency housing provides a safe place to live for veterans and their families. We offer clinical services where veterans can receive treatment for addiction. Additional programs include referrals, counseling, crisis intervention, support groups, workshops and community activities. We also offer an advanced program that helps vets and others in our community end the scourge of domestic violence.

VOA Delaware Valley employment assistance helps homeless vets become productive members of the community.

Volunteers of America Delaware Valley provides employment services for vets that can include assessment, training and placement. We help vets in DE, NJ and PA with everything from creating a resume to job interviewing. We often help vets find transportation and appropriate clothing. Whenever possible we enroll the veterans in our care in compensated work programs that offer a stipend for vets while they are training for new jobs. For a homeless vet, finding useful employment is a key step in the process of building new confidence, pride and lasting independence.

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  • Addiction Treatment Program
  • Emergency housing for the homeless
  • Counseling, employment assistance and crisis intervention
  • Senior housing that enhances the quality of life
  • Domestic Violence programs
  • Programs that break the cycle of violent behavior
Whether you live in New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Delaware – from Camden to Trenton, Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Wilmington, or Cherry Hill, when you donate your car to charity you help us fund programs like these, and care for the veterans in our communities who might otherwise be forgotten.
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