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No one in Michigan makes it easier to donate your car or truck

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Our simple 2 step process makes it
easy to donate cars for charity use.

It’s no secret - people in Michigan communities are struggling. When you donate your car or truck you step along side with us to help them. We appreciate your generosity, so we work hard to make it as easy as possible when you donate a car. We practically invented car donation to charities, and after decades of refinement we’ve simplified the process of donating cars and trucks into two easy steps:

Step One: Fill out the easy form

We don’t ask a lot of questions. Just the important ones. The simple form on the right of this page has all the information we need to get your donation rolling. It will probably take you less than two minutes to fill it out - even if you type with two fingers! When you finished filling it out just click the button below to send us your information. Or, if you like you can call us toll free at 877-721-4862

Step Two: Schedule your free pickup.
That's it!

Someone from Volunteers of America Michigan will give you a call and schedule the best time to pick up and donate your car or truck (or golf cart, RV or boat or any other vehicle you aren’t using). In most cases we’ll schedule your pickup for the next day.

Unlike other car donation programs, you won’t be talking to a faceless call center or some third party middleman. When you donate cars for charity use to VOA Michigan you’ll be talking to a person who lives and works right here in Michigan.

We treat you like family

Everyone who works at VOA Michigan has seen the human results of our programs - from hundreds of thousands of meals for homeless men, women and children, to offering emergency shelter for the homeless, job training for homeless veterans and long term care for Michigan seniors. We’ve seen the lives your generosity has changed. We know firsthand how much it means when you donate cars for charity use, and we treat you accordingly.

Everyone - the people who’ll be calling you, our tow truck drivers, the folks who fill out your paperwork so you can get the maximum tax deduction (See Taxes: Donate Car). We will see to it that you have a great experience when you donate your car or truck.

We usually mail your tax receipt
within 24 hours.

You’re doing something truly amazing when you donate cars for charity use. But getting a nice tax write-off, that’s not bad either. Some charity car donation programs make you wait weeks to get your final tax receipt. Not us - we usually mail it out within 24 hours.

We appreciate it when you donate
your car or truck, and it shows.

Donate your car now.
Our simple 2 step
process makes it easy!

Step 1: Just Fill In The Information Below
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Volunteers of America Michigan is an official IRS recognized 501(c)(3) charity
When you
donate cars for charity use, our attitude reflects
our gratitude
Whether you’re in the Detroit area, Grand Rapids Flint, Lansing or anywhere else in the state, you’re helping the people in Michigan who need it most when you donate your car or truck. Your car donation could put a roof over the head of a homeless veteran for a month while we help them learn the skills to get a good job, or feed 250 hungry kids. Your donated truck or car, that unused car sitting in your driveway, could be the catalyst to a whole new life for a person who may have all but given up hope. The people whose lives you change when you donate your car or truck probably won’t get the chance to thank you personally. So we will. From the folks who process your tax deduction to the tow truck drivers…at Volunteers of America Michigan we make it our mission to make donating a car a pleasant experience, wherever in Michigan you live, from Detroit to
Kalamazoo, Flint, Lansing, Saginaw,Ann Arbor, Bay City, Grand Rapids or Marquette.
Donate a car now

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Or Call Toll Free: 877-721-4862 is the car donation program of Volunteers of America

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