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Your car charity donation helped us save Christmas for 22,000 Michigan children last year. You are a wonderful organization with a great big heart! Michelle

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Do you want to see the good your car charity donations do? Look into the eyes of the 22,000 Michigan children blessed by our annual Adopt A Family program.

Nothing is more devastating than being unable to provide for your children during the Christmas holidays. Every year Volunteers of America Michigan uses your car charity donations to help run the Adopt A Family program, an annual Christmas program that matches families who need help during the holidays with giving people like you willing to meet those needs. When you donate a car it means that instead of being forgotten during the Christmas season, 22,000 Michigan children in the Adopt A Family program are provided with new toys, clothes, a holiday dinner and one more thing - hope. Michelle’s children were blessed by the Adopt-A-Family program. This is her story:

A once proud deputy, Michelle was faced an uncertain road, for herself and her two children. After 22 years as a police officer, Michelle was abruptly let go by her department. As a single mother, Michelle depended solely on her income.

Michelle turned to Volunteers of America Michigan for help, to programs made possible when you donate your car or truck. She applied for the Adopt A Family Program, saying “I am on unemployment. I have never struggled so bad in my life. In past years I have adopted families during Christmas, but I never imagined my family would need to be adopted. My unemployment ends in November and I am afraid that I wont be able to give my daughters a Christmas. After the rent, utilities, and common household needs are met, I am never in a position to do anything extra for my kids. I receive food stamps, but they only carry me through half of the month. Please if you see fit to help me, I am grateful, but if you see some family that needs it more than me, then please help them. Either way I am appreciative. God Bless All of you. Thank you.”

Michelle and her daughters were selected and invited in to the Adopt A Family office where they picked out brand new educational games and received a gift card to the local grocery store, which they used to stock their refrigerator with nutritious food. Michelle was beyond words with gratitude, but attempted to express herself in a letter she sent shortly after the program ended. Here is that letter:

"Dear Adopt A Family Program,

I, Michelle, as well as my daughters Brittany and Brooklynn, had the wonderful blessing of being selected to participate in your program. We were the grateful recipients of several games and gift cards. The experience was one that will never be forgotten. The staff were warm, friendly, professional and made my kids and I feel like they’ve known us forever. Thank you all! This is our first year as an adopted family, because earlier in my life, I was a proud donor. I really don't know the words to express my gratitude, but I do know this, you all are a wonderful organization with great employees and a “great big heart”. Thank you for everything, and if it’s the last thing I do, I will be a donor to your organization again! Thank you so much for everything!”.

We couldn’t run the Adopt A Family Christmas program that blessed Michelle and continues to bless many other Michigan families without the car charity donations of people like you. So from Michelle, her daughters, and 22,000 other Michigan children, we say thanks...and Merry Christmas.

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For many families in Michigan the Christmas season is a season of hardship. Your car charity donations to Volunteers of America Michigan help us match needy families with sponsors who adopt them for the Christmas holiday, providing new clothes, toys and a holiday dinner to those who need it most. Last year car donation to charities made it possible for over 22,000 Michigan children to be blessed by our Adopt a Family Program. All thanks to generous car charity donations like yours from every corner of the state, from Detroit to Kalamazoo, Flint, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Saginaw, Bay City, Grand Rapids and Marquette. To learn about your tax deduction click on Taxes: Donate Car.
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