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Donate your car and help VOA serve over 1200 meals to Michigan children. And that’s just the beginning.

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When you donate a car you help provide emergency food and shelter for thousands of homeless families.

Michigan is struggling from recovering from an economic firestorm, and too many of us are only a few missed house payments away from living on the street. Volunteers of America Michigan uses the money we get from your car donation to charities to help fund programs that help tens of thousands of people a year rebuild their lives. When you donate your car or truck you help Volunteers of America provide a hot meal and warm bed to families, women, children and men in nearby Michigan communities. Over 175,000 times a year we provide hot meals to our neighbors who have been left out in the cold by Michigan’s economy. We provide hundreds of beds every night to women and children escaping abuse, people fighting mental and physical disease and people recovering from addiction. We even offer a program that provides families with emergency shelter in hotels and motels as a first step to becoming contributing members of the community. When you don ate your car to VOA Michigan 100% stays in Michigan, and 88% goes to these life-changing programs.

Feeding the needy and giving them a bed for the night is just the beginning. When you donate your car you help us provide Michigan’s neediest citizens with the tools to rebuild their lives: health services, educational services, new clothing, counseling, help fighting substance abuse and finding a job. When you understand the real hope your car donation provides you’ll be asking yourself “How can I donate my car to charity?”

Donate your car and help us provide a new life and new jobs for homeless veterans

Did you know there are actually more Vietnam Veterans living on the street right now than were killed in the entire Vietnam War? It seems hard to believe, but it’s true. We’re also seeing a steady increase of homeless veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Our veterans fought for us, now Volunteers of America Michigan fights to help homeless vets get back on their feet. When you donate your car you help us run veterans programs in Lansing, Flint, Detroit and Niles. Our Veterans in Progress Programs provide food and shelter to homeless vets, together with the resources of our veterans’ case management team. Our veterans case management team provides education in job skills and life skills to homeless vets, helps those who need it to fight alcoholism, drug addiction and AIDS, and helps them take advantage of the physical and mental health services at VA Medical Hospitals.

Over 80% of the veterans who enter our Veterans in Progress Program leave return to independent living and leave life on the street behind them. That’s what happens when you donate your car to Volunteers of America Michigan.

We also offer an 18 month Veterans Housing Program with complete clinical services, and Homeless Veterans Reintegration Programs that offer training and support services designed to teach job skills and remove the roadblocks that keep some veterans from getting new jobs. If you have car or truck that is just sitting in your driveway, on behalf of our brave veterans we ask you to donate your car to Volunteers of America Michigan. They’ll thank you – plus we’ll see to it that you get the maximum allowable deduction on your taxes. (See Taxes: Donate Car)

Your donated car or truck helps provide permanent housing for low-income seniors and disabled people.

From Pontiac, Detroit and Benton Harbor to Redford and Battle Creek, when you donate your car you help Volunteers of America provide nearly 700 apartments to low-income disabled people and seniors. The rent in ordinary senior living centers can wipe out a lifetime of savings, but in most of our 700 units residents only pay 30% of their adjusted income for rent. As in most of our facilities, the disabled people and seniors who live in these apartments get a lot more than just a roof over their heads. We provide them with a range of support services like legal assistance, social services and health screenings. We also make life a little nicer, with amenities like libraries, shopping trips, bingo, on-site barbershops and salons, bible studies and holiday parties. When you donate your car, you help us provide a warm supportive home for seniors and the disabled at seven different Michigan locations.

At this point we hope you’re wondering, “How can I donate my car to charity?” No one makes it easier - just use the form on the right side of the page to get started, submit your information and wait for us to call and schedule your appointment. Or you can always give us a call toll free at 877-721-4862.

Donate your car and help us say ‘Merry Christmas’ to 22,000 Michigan children

There’s nothing more crushing than not being able to afford Christmas for your kids. Every year countless Michigan parents struggle to keep the lights on. When you have to juggle expenses just to buy clothes and food, Christmas gifts for the kids can be beyond your reach. At Volunteers of America Michigan we can’t help every family have a Merry Christmas, but our Adopt-A-Family program brought the joy of Christmas to 22,000 children last year. When you donate your car you help us match up families to the sponsors who adopt them for the Christmas holiday, and provide new clothes, toys and a holiday dinner to Michigan families who need it the most.

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Volunteers of America Michigan is an official IRS recognized 501(c)(3) charity
Donate your
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Volunteers of
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offer life-changing programs like these:
Donate your car, and help Volunteers of America Michigan offer life-changing programs like these:
  • Emergency shelters and food
  • Senior Communities
  • Apartments for the Disabled
  • Adopt-A-Family Christmas Program
  • Holiday Meal Programs
  • Homeless Veteran Services
  • Job Training for the Homeless
  • Drug and Alcohol Rehab
  • Scholastic Book Giveaway Programs
  • Action Teams Youth Outreach
  • Operation Backpack School Supplies
"Wow, that's a lot of programs. How can I donate my car to charity?" Just use the form
on the right side of this page. Or call us toll free at 877-721-4862.

No matter where you live in Michigan, from Detroit to Kalamazoo, Flint, Lansing, Saginaw,
Bay City, Ann Arbor, Marquette or Grand Rapids, your donated vehicle helps us fund these important programs.

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