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With the donation of a car, you help us provide a new life for homeless people like James.

At Volunteers of America the donation of a car can open the door to a new life for Nevada’s homeless. When you think of car donation to charities, think of Volunteers of America, and the full range of homeless services we provide to struggling families right here in Nevada. When you donate a car you help hundreds of homeless people like James:

At the age of 61, James found himself homeless when a bad breakup coincided with a job loss. Fortunately for James, he found refuge at the Volunteers of America Men’s Shelter, partially funded by your donation of a car. The VOA Men’s Shelter allowed him a chance to regroup and recover from personal setback.

Having lived in Reno since moving here from Las Vegas in 1997, James had never experienced homelessness before. The Men’s Shelter located at the Community Assistance Center in Downtown Reno offered James more than a place to sleep. In addition to providing 158 beds for single men, the shelter (underwritten by the donation of a car, truck or golf cart) provides individuals like James with a safe, structured setting that allows them to access resources designed to get them back on their feet.

A case manager reviews each individual’s progress while in residence, ensuring that individuals like James receive access to the services ranging from medical and mental health services to housing, food and clothing needs. Referrals are made to the Reno Housing Authority for help obtaining housing. The Reno Resource Center next door offers help with deposit assistance, as well as access to computers, telephone, and classes ranging from resume workshops to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

About a third of Men’s Shelter residents are veterans, so VA case workers visit the shelter weekly to ensure that veterans are receiving the benefits for which they qualify, and classes for vets are held regularly in the Resource Center.

Also located on the Community Assistance Center campus are the ReStart offices, where staff provides professional mental health services such as mental health support, payee services, permanent long-term housing and Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing programs. After providing mental health services for the local community for more than two decades, ReStart merged operations with Volunteers of America in 2011. Your donation of a car helps ReStart to continue to offer life-changing mental health services.

Men like James can also access other services on site at the campus like the Good Shepherd Clothes Closet, which distributes donated clothing for free to shelter residents, and where James received clothing a few times during his stay at the Men’s Shelter.

At the HAWC Outreach Medical Clinic located on the campus, shelter residents may receive basic medical services such as health checks and immunizations. Through this partnership, James received screenings and medication for his high blood pressure. He also “used a little common sense” and lost 30 pounds in his efforts to bring his blood pressure under control. James takes his main meal of the day at the Senior Center a few blocks away, and sometimes visits the St. Vincent’s Dining Room next door.

During his stay with Volunteers of America, James found a part-time job with the AARP senior citizens employment program, signed up for Social Security benefits, and saved enough money to move out of the shelter and into a studio apartment.

A distinguished gentleman who enjoys writing in his spare time, James expressed his appreciation for an environment at the shelter that preserved his personal dignity, saying “I appreciate the peace of mind and security that Volunteers of America has afforded me during my lowest periods.”

The simple act of the donation of a car helped to provide the services that changed the course of this man’s life.

It might seem like a bit of an exaggeration to say that the donation of a car can inspire a life changing experience, but when you donate your car or truck to Volunteers of America in Nevada, it can provide the boost a struggling man, woman or family in our area really needs.

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At Volunteers of America in Nevada, we transform donated vehicles into a second chance for homeless families. The donation of a car to our program can provide hundreds of homeless people in Nevada with shelter, food, job training and job placement. Not only do you help change lives, we also help you claim a significant deduction for the donation of a car from the IRS (See Taxes: Donate Car). We accept vehicle donations from all over Nevada - from Las Vegas to Reno, Carson City, Paradise, Henderson and Elko. If you want to donate a car, use the form on the right side of the page, or call toll free 877-721-4862.

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