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Donate junk cars, donate property or stock – someone once donated a submarine! Even unusual donations to Volunteers of America Nevada help people through locally based programs.

It should be no surprise at all that a place called Cars Helping People makes it fast and easy to donate junk cars. Every unused car provides food, shelter and life changing services to people in Nevada who have fallen on hard times. But occasionally a generous person goes above and beyond – you wouldn’t believe what they donate!

Our most ‘out-of-the-box’ donation? No question, it’s the yellow submarine.

Once upon a time engineer who worked at an auto manufacturer got the notion to build a working submarine in his back yard, and use it to explore the cold depths of the Great Lakes. With a little ingenuity and a lot of elbow grease this enterprising submariner built a fully functional 8000-pound submarine. It had seating for two, and was fully pressurized so he could dive as far as 1000 feet below the waves. He covered it stem to stern with a coat of bright yellow paint. Don’t ask why. It could be that he was a Beatles fan. It could be he just thought it was funny. The yellow submarine even had a specially engineered trailer that could swing the sub over the lake and lower it gently down into the waves.

Whether you want to donate junk cars or a yellow submarine, use the form to the right.
For years the engineer used his yellow submarine to explore beneath the surface of Lake Superior. Then one day he decided his days cruising through the deep were over. His wife may have had something to do with the decision. It turns out that when he was building the sub the engineer equipped it with everything…except for a radio that could communicate with the surface. So every time he cruised the depths of Lake Superior his wife had to wait and hope he popped back up.

The engineer was familiar with the homeless shelters, emergency meal programs, senior housing and clinical services provided by Volunteers of America. He knew he could donate junk cars, or donate old car or truck. Donating a yellow submarine? That he wasn’t so sure about. But he took a chance and gave us a call anyway.

When we answered the toll free donation line we heard the most unusual question we’ve ever been asked (to date) ”Can I donate my yellow submarine?” After we stopped laughing and realized he was serious we said, “Of course you can donate a submarine…” (not an answer we ever expected to give). We picked the sub up just like any other vehicle someone would donate: old car, truck or RV. Eventually we sold the yellow submarine for over $15,000 – enough to provide hot meals for over 20,000 needy people.

No matter what you donate: old car, apartment building or airplane, 100% of your donation stays with Volunteers of America and helps people right here in Nevada.

You can call Volunteers of America toll free at 877-721-4862 and donate almost anything. We’ve seen it all. Generous patrons have donated aircraft, boats, golf carts, even apartment buildings. No matter what you donate – junk cars to aircraft, we get you the vehicle donation receipts you need to claim the maximum allowable tax deduction. Pick up is always free and fast…unless you donate a building. Then all bets are off. No matter how offbeat your donation is, it will help us fund life changing programs that comfort the people who need it most right here in Nevada communities. Volunteers of America programs make an impact on people’s lives - from woman and children at risk to homeless veterans.

One of the most effective ways to support life-changing programs in Nevada? Donate stocks or securities.

Making a gift of stocks is one of the best ways to donate to charity. Donating stocks to charity often offers additional tax advantages that ordinary donations don’t. Of course you get a nice deduction on your federal taxes for the full market value of your stock, but you also might be able to avoid capital gains tax if your stock has appreciated. On top of that, if your donated securities are used to fund a charitable trust or gift annuity you could enjoy additional reductions in estate and gift taxes.

If you’re considering donating securities or stocks to charity, don’t make the mistake of selling them first, then donating the proceeds. Selling the stocks then donating the money could erase your tax benefits. Instead, call your broker to tell them you want to donate stock to charity. Then contact Volunteers of America toll free at 877-721-4862. Have your broker’s telephone number and name by your side when you call, along with the name of the stock and number of shares you want to donate. Volunteers of America will then contact your broker for you. After that you will be notified of your contribution deduction based on the date of your securities transfer.

When we say the generosity of people who donate to Volunteers of America in Nevada is boundless – we mean it!

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Whether you’re thinking of supporting our car donation programs, or donate stock,
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No matter where you live in Nevada, Las Vegas, Reno, Carson City, Paradise, Henderson
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