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If you want to impact lives in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi, remember Volunteers of America when you donate a car for charity.

When you make a charitable car donation to Volunteers of America Southeast you provide needed funds for a full range of powerful locally-based programs. You help provide shelter food and clothing for your neighbors when disaster strikes. You provide a second chance to people trying to recover from destructive addiction. You are helping us build a new center for homeless veterans, and run anti-gang programs in some of the region’s toughest neighborhoods.

Asking Volunteers of America Southeast how to donate a car to charity is the first step to new life in southern communities.

Volunteers of America Southeast is one of the only car donation charities to offer extensive disaster relief right here in the South.

When disaster strikes, Volunteers of America Southeast is there to help. Partially underwritten when you donate a car to charity, the VOA Disaster Response Team coordinates volunteers, supplies, and financial donations with churches and other faith partners who are “on the ground” in the affected area. We help provide food, needed supplies, and manpower for cleanup and rebuilding to areas devastated by disaster. Most recently we have been on the ground coordinating the relief effort for victims of the Alabama tornado outbreak of 2011.

The most dramatic example of our Disaster Response Team was demonstrated by our response to Hurricane Katrina. After the storm ripped across across the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, we pulled together an effort that lasted over 2 years: first furnishing the immediate needs of the storm wrecked neighborhoods, then beginning the process of rebuilding. We provided free medical care to over 29,000 patients. We marshaled over 11,000 volunteers in various areas of service, who served over 105,000 men, women and children with basic life needs. Over 900 homes and churches were cleaned, repaired, or rebuilt. The simple act of donating a car can be the first step someone needs to rebuild a storm-shattered life. The effectiveness and reach of the VOA Disaster Relief Team sets us apart from any other car donation charities.

Every day we meet the needs of 1500 people with intellectual disabilities.

Volunteers of America Southeast provides daily care for 1500 people with intellectual disabilities in Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama. We provide individualized care based on how well each person functions – for low functioning people we provide group homes. High functioning people are assisted in living in their own apartments. We offer enrichment centers with educational courses and tracks, as well as an employment program that teaches skills and provides job training and placement. When you donate a car to charity you want to know your generosity will bear fruit. At VOA Southeast your donation will bear the fruit of independent productive lives.

From a Shelter for Homeless Veterans to Senior Housing and Youth Programs, no one gives you more reasons to donate a car to charity.

VOA Southeast offers far-reaching programs unmatched by other car donation charities. To answer the growing problem of homeless veterans we are currently building a brand new facility to shelter homeless veterans, treat them and give them the skills to reenter society. Our goal is simple but powerful: we want to help the homeless live independent and productive lives.

In some of the most dangerous neighborhoods of the South, places the police don’t even like to go, Volunteers of America runs Youth Enrichment programs, nutrition education and anti-gang programs. In spite of the danger and poverty of the areas where these young people live, our services to at-risk youth are so successful they are held up as model programs around the region and the nation.

In multiple locations across the South we offer residential treatment for women struggling with substance abuse and their children. We provide these women with ongoing life coaching and training in life skills, parenting skills and financial management.

We also provide Adult Housing for Seniors at multiple locations in Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia. The seniors who live in these apartments get a lot more than just a roof over their heads. We provide them with a range of support services like legal assistance, social services and health screenings. We also make life a little nicer, with amenities like libraries, shopping trips, bingo, on-site barbershops and salons, bible studies and holiday parties. When donate a car to charity you help us provide a warm supportive home for seniors across the southeast who might otherwise be forgotten.

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Volunteers of
America Southeast offer these life-changing programs:
  • Disaster Response Team
  • Housing and training for people with Intellectual disabilities
  • Senior housing that enhances the quality of life
  • Youth Enrichment Services
These programs lift up tens of thousands of people in Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama and all of them are supported by people like you who donate cars they don’t need. Don’t just donate a car to charity, donate it to the powerful work of Volunteers of America. No one makes it easier - use the simple form on the right side of the page. Or call us toll free at 877-721-4862.

Whether you live in Birmingham, Atlanta, Mobile, Jackson, Valdosta, Biloxi, Huntsville or anywhere else in Mississippi, Georgia or Alabama, your unused vehicle will help us fund these life-changing programs in your community.


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