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Save a child and save the future. Your donated car helps us bring hope to Washington children at risk

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At Volunteers of America Western Washington when you donate cars for children it helps kids right here in Seattle, Tacoma, Bellingham and beyond.

When you improve the life of a child you make the world a better place. At Volunteers of America that’s been one of our guiding principles for over 116 years. When you donate cars for children at Volunteers of America Western Washington you help us provide emergency food and shelter for hundreds of kids and their parents every year. A single donated vehicle can help a struggling child and their family start a new life with clinical help and counseling. That old car you have in your driveway could help build strong families in Washington Communities by teaching life skills and job training right here in Western Washington.

When you donate cars for children you help us provide early intervention for at risk children and families, along with services that can prevent future problems.

From Atlantic to Pacific, Volunteers of America provides crucial programs like after school programs, child-care and mentoring that help young kids and teens who are at risk before crisis hits. These programs also help their families. In many locations we also offer leadership development, job training and pregnancy prevention for teens and pre teens.

The second trouble crops up our exclusive family preservation programs work to make each family unit stronger by teaching valuable skills like parenting and coping. We create and run programs carefully created to prevent delinquency in teens who show early signs of problematic behavior patterns. We work to show children and youth a positive path – the path they can follow to a happy and productive future. When you donate cars, kids in Washington are given the opportunity to choose a better life for themselves.

When families are struggling we help them put the pieces back together.

Nationwide, Volunteers of America is the charity thousands of families turn to when their lives are out of control. In many locations we offer foster care for kids who aren’t able to stay at home because of safety issues. In addition our family reunification services work to build and strengthen family bonds. Of course there are circumstances where children can’t be reunited with their family. For those children we provide adoption services in many areas in the US.

Volunteers of America is also one of America’s leading providers of services and programs designed to help runaways and homeless children. There is a lost generation out on the streets - our services help them leave behind life on the street, nurture skills that will help them become productive and happy adults and reunite with their family. When you donate cars for children, kids turn their lives around.

Long Term Help for Children and Youth

Some children and teens know that their circumstances require long-term support. Around the country Volunteers of America is a leading provider of group homes for kids in the foster care system. We are also a major provider of residential treatment for youth and teens fighting substance abuse or mental health disorders. They need intense care. Volunteers of America provides a safe environment and caring relationships to help them overcome the challenges that life has presented. You help immensely when you donate cars for children

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Volunteers of America helps kids and families throughout Washington. Here’s How:
  • Supportive Housing Programs for Families, Women with children & Single adults
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Services Emergency Shelters & Services for homeless men, women & children
  • Homes & Supportive Living Services for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Mental Health Programs, Homes & Supportive Living Services
Those are the kinds of programs you support here in Washington when you donate car to kids here at Cars Helping Ready to donate cars for children? Kids at risk in Washington communities will benefit from your generosity. Just use the form in the right margin of this page. Or call us toll free at 877-721-4862.

No matter where you live from Olympia to Edmonds, Seattle or Tacoma, Bellingham or Everett, when you donate cars for children you help local kids, kids who might otherwise be forgotten.
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