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You car donation helps fund a lifeline for people thinking of ending their lives.

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What use are junk cars? Donate them to Volunteers of America Western Washington. We’ll use them to help fund our life-saving Care Crisis Line.

No car donation programs in Washington changes lives like Volunteers of America. But our Care Crisis Line does more than change lives – it saves them. Not many charities that accept car donation have a program that touches lives as directly as our 24 Hour Care Crisis Response Line. Bob is one of those lives. This is his story:

Adam received a call on the Care Crisis Line one afternoon from a man named “Bob”. Bob was a well established, highly educated man who seemed to have it all. Before he knew it, his life began to change, and Bob began to lose it all. He lost his job, his wife, became estranged from his child, lost his home, and his will to live. Bob felt hopeless and alone.

Bob told Adam of his plans to commit suicide. He had driven out to a remote location, loaded his gun, and was making one final call to say goodbye. Adam tried his very best to convince Bob that there were other options available. He recognized that Bob was making a plea for help and used every resource possible to help save Bob’s life. Unfortunately, Bob was unresponsive to Adam’s negotiations. Bob had mentally checked out and most disturbing of all, was emotionless and had accepted his decision to end his life.

After speaking for close to an hour, Bob finally told Adam that he appreciated everything he had tried to do for him. He thanked Adam for listening to him, for other people had not. As he was saying good bye Adam begged for him to call him back. Bob hung up the phone.

All the while, Adam was attempting to trace the location of Bob’s phone call. Since Bob was calling out of area, on a cell phone, Care Crisis, along with 9-1-1 assistance, had a very difficult time tracking the call.

Several minutes later, Bob called back. Adam jumped back onto the call and continued to urge Bob to take himself to a police station. Adam told him that he could get help, and have hope for a better life. Still, Bob was unemotional and unconvinced that there was any other way out, and he hung up for a second time.

Adam returned a call to the 9-1-1 dispatcher and gave them as much information as he could so they could send out a call to the local officers. After some time has passed, the 9-1-1 dispatcher called Adam to let him know they had found Bob. A police officer had been driving by the field Bob was parked in, when he had come out into the street and flagged him down. Bob reached out for help and the officer took him to the hospital.

Bob’s story illustrates just how important it is that people with junk cars donate them to Volunteers of America Western Washington. Because of Adam’s efforts and the resource of the Care Crisis Response Line, Bob was able to receive the help he needed in his moment of desperation. The Volunteers of America Care Crisis Line is a lifeline for the thousands of individuals who call each year. Operated 24/7, the Crisis Line is always available to lend caring ear and to help save a life. All because someone donated junk cars. Donate any vehicle you’re not using by filling out the simple form on the right of the page, or by calling 877-721-4862 toll free.

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At Volunteers of America Western Washington we believe feeling safe and significant is fundamental to an individual’s ability to be healthy and strong. To prevent mental health crises from compromising this, we offer a regional crisis line, and other emergency resources to access the mental health system in Island, San Juan, Skagit, Snohomish and Whatcom Counties.

Whether you have gently used cars or junk cars, donate them, wherever you are in Washington. We accept cars from Seattle to Tacoma, from Olympia or Edmonds, from Bellingham to Everett. Have junk cars? Donate them online by using the convenient form on the right of the page, or give us a call toll free at 877-721- 4862. Usually within 24 hours we’ll mail out the car donation letters you need to verify your car donation tax deduction with the IRS.

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